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Welcome to the LCC

Dear Parents /Carers,
We would like to welcome you and your children to Oakington Manor Language and Communication Centre (LCC). We are taking this opportunity at the beginning of the new school year to inform you about the following:
Language and Communication Centre Leader: Ms Steffi Wain Class
Teacher Ms Deborah Choueka: 1DC Key Stage 1 Reception, Y1 ,Y2
Teaching Assistants: Ms Sherrie Wildman, Ms Loren Brown
Inclusion Support: Mrs Susan Karim
Lunchtime support: Mrs Siaqa Ahmed Mrs Anarada Nair
Teacher Mrs Lara George: Class 3LG Key stage 2 Y3,Y4
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Simone Griffiths
Inclusion Support: Mr Hakan
Teacher Mrs Rebekah Akonor: Class 5RA Key Stage 2 Y5,Y6 
Teaching Assistant: Ms Rita Hirani
Speech and Language Therapists: Mrs Kajal Patel ASD lead, Ms Lisa Field SLI lead

Walk proud and express your dreams with confidence

Through inspiring children's confidence, we believe that this will allow them to achieve greatly. Emphasis of learnign through creativity is paramount to the ethos of the LCC and that there are no limits to learning. 

What are we learning?

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