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Welcome To Year 4

We are very excited in Year 4 to continue the incredible learning from the previous year. By using a model where children, parents and teachers all work together, there will be no limit to success.  
The Year 4 team:
Mr Starbuck : Head of Year / Class Teacher 4AS 
Ms Hylton :  Class Teacher 4MH
Ms Ryder: Class Teacher 4TR
Mrs Szeto: Support Teacher
Ms Halai : Schools Direct Trainee Teacher
Ms D'Avila: Teaching Assistant

All for One and One for All

Our vision in Year Four is that success can only be achieved through working together. We aim to foster a "Can do" environment. An environment that helps children to achieve their full potential,develop their creativity and enjoy learning.To achieve this, I ensure that my the vision is shared with my hard working team. A vision shared is half achieved. Each member plays an integral role in achieving this vision.
Year 4 Staff:

Year 4 Curriculum Map 2019-20

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