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Sensory Room

At Oakington Manor, we have a sensory room that offers great benefits for our children.

'Sensory integration is the ability of the brain to organise information received from the senses so an appropriate response is made.' (Rae, 2016)

Using the Sensory Room helps to: Stimulate the senses, Improve balance, movement and spatial orientation.

It also enhances learning and play and promotes emotional wellbeing.

Our Sensory Room can be used as a calm space to support self-regulation by providing a quiet, relaxing environment where pupils can feel safe and at ease. 

Each piece of equipment in the room is designed to stimulate the pupil’s senses through the use of various sounds, textures, colours and scents. Pupils feel confident to move around safely and interact with their surroundings. This allows them to feel more in control and subsequently feel more relaxed and able to access their learning.

They are supported by an adult and interact with equipment. 

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