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School Policies


On this page you will find summaries of all our main school policies. Click on the relevant links to read the full policies.

Oakington Manor Primary School believes it is the right of every child to receive a free education and there is no charge for any of the normal activities of the school day.

Activities like Music tuition, After School Club, Holiday Play Scheme, School Meals, theatre workshops, swimming, day and residential visits, could not take place without contributions from parents.  We believe that most parents value these activities and there is a strong commitment to see them continue.

There is a saving scheme available in school to save towards trips.

In order to maintain the effective educational services we provide, it is essential that parents continue to support the school. If insufficient contributions are received, then the activity may be cancelled.

Any parent concerned about affordability should speak to the class teacher or Head teacher and we will strive to resolve any issues.

Click here for our 'Charging and Remissions' policy.

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