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Anti-Bullying week commences on Monday 16th November and finishes on the Friday 20th November

Dear Parents,

As a school we always want to celebrate our differences and show respect for everyone. 

For this year's Anti-bullying week, we are encouraging the children to make a stand against bullying and celebrate the things which make us all unique and special. 

Anti-Bullying week commences on Monday 16th November and finishes on the Friday 20th November.

Throughout the week we will:

Monday 16th November - Odd Sock Day  -  Children are encouraged to wear odd socks to show that even though they are different, they are special and can come together.

Anti-bullying superhero competition ​- All children will be designing their own anti-bullying superhero, with the powers and qualities needed to stop bullying. 

There will be a prize awarded to 5 children who have created an outstanding superhero. 

The children's superheroes will also be put on the school website. 

Circle Time Reflection - As a school we encourage the children to discuss and share their ideas. 

We will be discussing bullying in our classes and how we can make a positive change to ensure everyone feels safe, happy and accepted at school. 

Anti-bullying assembly ​- on Wednesday there will be a school Zoom assembly so the whole school can reflect on the positive changes we can make. 

Positive Puzzle - The children will be designing puzzle pieces to show how they can make a positive change and stop bullying. 

These pieces will be put together to show how we can unite against bullying. 

Below is the link to a short video about Anti-bullying Week.


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