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Every Child a Reader

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Recommended Reading

Try these tips to help your child to become “a lifelong reader".

  • Pick 15-20 minutes each night to read to your child.
  • Pick a cosy place to read. 
  • Choose fun voices for the characters.
  • Let your child choose the book or choose it together.
  • Encourage conversation throughout.
  • Model great reading habits.
  • Let your child read to you sometimes or read together!
  • Make reading fun! Don't assign comprehension questions or print quizzes. 
  • Picture books are great literature too!  Don't only read chapter books!

Click here to view the entire range of recommended reads for each year group

How to support your child on Bug Club Phonics

Recommended Reading

At Oakington Manor, we firmly believe that every child can enjoy reading - they just need to find the right book! Have a look at the Recommended Reads lists for each year group from Reception to Year 6.

These books can be found in your child’s class library or your local library.

Make every day a reading day!



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