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Welcome to the Oakington Manor COVID-19 Home Learning Hub.

On this page you can find details about home learning activities assigned to the children, organised by year group.

Please select the year group you wish to view from the menu on the left.

Welcome - Children(1)

Dear Parents & Carers,

While staying at home due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), you may be concerned about your child's education and the impact of missing school.

We do not expect you to act as teachers, or to provide the activities and feedback that a school would.

We are thankful to you for all your effort in supporting your children with their learning.

Structuring the day

Do not worry about trying to maintain a full routine for your child like they had at school. But children will feel more comfortable and learn better with a predictable routine to the day, even if this is difficult.

When we provide children with work we will  give you advice on how to structure the day. But generally, you should try to make sure that they:

  • get up and go to bed at the same time each day
  • have regular meal times
  • have regular breaks
  • make time to be active - children are used to regular play at lunch and break times
  • ‚Äčallow children to complete some of their activities independently‚Äč  
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